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Produk Boikot Israel (News Corporation)

COMPANY : News Corporation


Fox TV Network (85% share)
20th Century Fox Films, Fox Kids, etc
Sky TV Network

Star TV Network:
hindi channels, chinese channels (Phoenix), Granada (uk), CNBC

National Geographical
Weekly Standard Newspaper, TV Guide
News of the World (UK)
The Sun (UK)
The Times (UK), Sunday Times, Times Educational Suppliment (TES), etc
The Telegraph (Australia), Gold Coast Bulletin, Herald Sun, Independent Newspapers Ltd, Newsphotos, Sunday Herald, Sunday Mail ..etc... lots more Australian papers!
The New York Post (US)newspaper
Harper Collins Book Publishers, Ragan Books, Zondervan
Nursery World, Rawkus, NDS, Mushroom Records, ChinaByte.com, Festival Records.


The News Corporation Limite is one of the world's largest media companies with total assets as of September 30, 2001 of approximately US $43 billion and total annual revenues of approximately US$14 billion. News Corporation's diversified global operations include the production and distribution of motion pictures and television programming; television, satellite and cable broadcasting; the publication of newspapers, magazines and books; the production and distribution of promotional and advertising products and services; the development of digital broadcasting.[3]

News Corporation is the world's leading publisher of English-language newspapers, with operations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the US. The Company publishes more than 175 different newspapers, employing approximately 15,000 people worldwide and printing more than 40 million papers a week [3]

Murdoch's New Corp. invests heavily in Israel.

Murdoch News Corporation was one of three US companies that wase lauded for their support of Israel at the America-Israel Friendship League Partners for Democracy Awards dinner (25th June 2001). Murdoch himself co-chaired the dinner.[1]

News Corp.'s digital technology company based in Jerusalem, called NDS, has grown from 20 to 600 employees in the past decade.



Jerusalem Post, June 27, 200





URL: http://www.inminds.com/boycott-news-corporation.html

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